Diary Dates

1 Sep 21Inset Day
2 Sep 21Children return
2nd - 3rd Sep 21Nursery & Reception home visits
5th Sep 21St Teresa's Feast Day Mass 9.15am
8 Sep 21Curriculum Eve: 3.30pm-4pm KS1, 4pm - 4.30pm Lower KS2, 4.30pm - 5pm - Upper KS2
13th Sep 21House Captain Elections 9am
15th Sep 21New School Year Mass 11am (5M)
27th Sep - 8th Oct 21Swimming Year 5s (10 days inclusive)
29th Sep 21Reception Curriculum morning 9am followed by tea/coffee
1st Oct 21International Evening 3.30pm - 5.30pm
5th Oct 21St Faustina's Feast Day - 9.15am
6th Oct 21Nursery Curriculum morning 9am followed by tea/coffee
11th Oct - 22nd Oct 21Swimming Year 4s (10 days inclusive)
18th Oct 21Parents Evening 3.30pm - 6pm
20th Oct 21Parents Evening 3.30pm - 6pm
22nd Oct 21Parent Forum 9am
25th - 29th Oct 21Half Term
1st Nov 21Inset Day - School Closed
5th Nov 21Parent Forum 9am
8th Nov 21Parents Tour 2pm
10th Nov 21Parents Tour 9.45am
15th - 19th Nov 21Anti Bullying Week
16th Nov 21SATS information evening 5pm
19th Nov 21Mufti Day
25th Nov 21Christmas Panto
26th Nov 21Parent Forum 9am
26th Nov 21Mufti Day for bottle stall
3rd Dec 21Christmas Fayre - 3pm - 5pm
6th Dec 21Assessment Week
7th Dec 21Reception Concert 9.30am - 2pm
8th Dec 21Christmas lunch
10th Dec 21Yr 1 Carol Concert 9.30am & 2pm
13th Dec 21Christmas Movie week
14th Dec 21Year 2 Carol Concert 9.30am & 2pm
15th Dec 21KS2 Carol Concert 6pm in St Agnes's Church
17th Dec 21Art day & party pm
21st Dec 21Early Closing 1.45pm
22nd Dec 21 - 4th Jan 22Christmas Holidays
5th Jan 22Children return
21st Jan 22St Agnes' Feast Day Mass - 11am
4th Feb 22Parent Forum 9am
7th Feb 22Parents' Evening 3.30pm - 6pm
8th Feb 22Safer Internet Day
9th February 22Parents' Evening 3.30pm - 6pm
14th Feb - 18th Feb 22Half Term
21st Feb 22Inset Day - School Closed
22nd Feb 22Children return
3rd March 22World Book Day
11th March 22British Science Week
23rd - 25th March 22Mother's Day
25th March 22Parent Forum 9am
1st April 22Early Closing 1.45pm
20th April 22Children return
25th April 22Mock SATS week (Year 6)
2nd May 22Bank Holiday
9th May 22SATS week
25th May 22School Journey Meeting 2.30pm
27th May 22Parent Forum 9am
30th May - 3rd June 22Half Term
6th June 22Inset Day
7th June 22Children return
10th June 22Secondary transfer meeting 2.30pm
15th - 17th June 22Father's Day Gift Shop
22nd June 22St Alban's Feast Day 9.15am
24th - 27th June 22School Journey Osmington Bay (Yr 6)
29th June 22St John Southworth Feast Day 9.15am
1st July 22Summer Fayre 3pm - 5pm
4th July 2022School Closed
5th July 22KS2 Sports Day Brondesbury Cricket Club
6th July 22KS1 Sports Day
13th July 22Class handover day, Celebration & Moving Forward evening
14th July 22Leaver's Production, 9.30am & 6.30pm
15th July 22Reports out
20th July 22Reception assembly & Achievement Day
20th July 22Party day, Leaver's Mass 5pm
21st July 22Early Closing 1.45pm

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