Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find a list of questions that we are regularly asked at the start of a school year.  We will try to answer them as best we can but due to the Covid-19 situation, we may not be able to give you full information at this time.  Please bear with us and we will update the information whenever possible.

What should I be doing with my child before they start nursery?

We have included a separate page full of tips for making sure your child is ready for nursery. Please read that for ideas about what to do.

Will you be visiting my child’s current setting?

In our normal transition period, we do try to visit every child in his or her preschool setting.  However, in the current situation this is not possible.  We will therefore do our best to speak to all of the preschools over the phone to ensure that we gain a full picture of your child before they start nursery

 Will my child get a home visit from their teacher?

Prior to starting nursery, you and your child will receive a home visit from your child’s class teacher and teaching assistant. We find these visits to be one of the most valuable parts of our transition as it allows your child to get to know their teacher in an environment that is safe and familiar to them.  The visit will last about 20 minutes and will be a chance for you to ask any questions or share information with the teacher. Due to the current situation, we may need to review how these are carried out and we will provide you with further information.

What if I forget to bring something, can I drop it off later?

Firstly, we understand that on occasion you might forget something.  If this happens, mention it to your class teacher.  The majority of the times, we are able to manage for the day without whatever it may be.  However if it is something that your child will definitely need, then you can drop it off at our school reception and it will be delivered to your child’s class.

What will my child be doing in Nursery?

Nursery is the first step in your child’s educational journey. Our aim in Nursery is to provide children with lots of learning experiences and opportunities to develop their curiosity and creativity, whilst developing personal and social skills that will allow them to make friends and work with others. Our job is to build on the great work you will have already done at home. Our first aim in Nursery is to settle your child in to school life and get them used to various routines. Each day your child will become more and more used to the expectations that we have of how they behave, learn and use the classroom environment and we ask all Parents/Carers to support us with this. 

 Within the classroom there are a wide variety of different areas for children to access and play in, whilst our staff will organise structured tasks for your child to take part in in small groups. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage at our Nursery and will constantly monitor your child’s progress whilst they are at school. 

Does my child need to wear a uniform?

Please click here for information about our nursery uniform.

Does my child need wellies?

Yes please. At Saint Agnes, we play outside in all weathers. We therefore ask that every child has a pair of wellies that can stay at nursery. You do not need to provide waterproof clothing.

 My child has allergies, what should I do?

When you receive your welcome pack there will be a medical form to complete where you can put all the information about your child’s allergy.  We are also a nut free school, so no nut products are used in class cooking lessons. If you child has an epi pen or inhaler, we do ask for one to be kept at school in case of emergencies.  During your home visit, your class teacher will talk to you about any concerns you have regarding your child’s allergies.

 My child does not know anyone else will they be okay? 

We are aware that starting nursery can be daunting if you do not know anyone else but please do not worry.  Many children join us not knowing anyone else and this can often be the first time they will be separated from you. At Saint Agnes, we understand that some children may get upset, but we have an experienced and caring staff team who will look after them and who will work with you to settle them in.