Parent View of RE

Our parents say…

“There is a palpable serve of faith in the school and as parents we feel fully involved and valued.”

“We are delighted that home, school and Parish links are being developed.”

“We know our child feels a real sense of belonging and we feel that the mission statement is lived out in every aspect of school life.”

“Communication with us, as parents, is excellent and the weekly newsletter is both a celebration and source of information about the on-going life of the school.”

 “We believe that St Agnes School is providing the highest quality Catholic education for our son and we are very proud indeed that he is part of such a caring, warm and welcoming Catholic community.”


Religious educationAgree stronglyAgreeDisagreeNo response
1. The school keeps me informed of what is taught in religious education lessons46% 42% 12% 0%
At the start of each half-term information regarding what will be taught in religious education is sent out in the curriculum booklets. As of September 2019 we will be introducing a half-termly religious education newsletter with information about the topics being covered.
2. I am informed about my child’s progress in religious education39% 45% 16% 0%
Children’s religious education books are available at parent evenings and attainment is reported in their end of year report. From Autumn 2019 we will be including more focused information about children’s progress and attainment in religious education at parent’s meetings.
3. My child is making good progress in religious education42% 49% 5% 4%
4. There is regular and appropriate homework for my child’s age and ability in religious education38% 51% 8% 4%
Homework in religious education is linked to the topic being studied and will be varied according to the class and topic being discussed, such as; research, discussion, big question responses, identifying and defining key words, completing a specific task.
6. The school offers a distinctively Catholic education68% 28% 1% 2%
7. The school provides clear moral teaching 68% 29% 0 2%
8. The school provides opportunities for spiritual growth and development60% 33% 6% 1%
As a Catholic Community, our belief in God provides the foundations for everything that we do. Creating an atmosphere for spiritual growth is at the centre of all our teaching. The children are encouraged to pray, reflect, contemplate and make links with daily life and religion on a daily basis. Prayer plays an important part in the life of the school. The classroom environments promote prayer and reflection by including a prayer focus. These are used for daily worship. We provide frequent opportunities for children to explore, express and share feelings, and many opportunities for creativity, using the imagination, and to express awe and wonder.
9. There are regular sacramental celebrations of Mass and Reconciliation72% 22% 2% 4%
We come together as a school to celebrate Mass at the start of the school year, on major feast days and the children attend Mass on House feast days. The children in KS2 also celebrate Mass in school with their class.
10. The school ensures that there are opportunities for daily prayer40% 58% 0 2%
11. There are opportunities for my child to serve others and support those in need53% 40% 2% 5%
12. The school actively promotes strong partnership with parents52% 42% 5% 1%
We recognise the importance of and value parental involvement in the life of the school. Through our Parent Forum we provide a voice for parents in the school on issues that are important to us and the children. Some of the things we do to promote partnerships with parents are; weekly newsletters, provide information on our website, hold parent meetings in the autumn and spring terms, offer a variety of parent workshops, hold class assemblies, opportunities for parents to come into their child’s class for the end of a topic.
13. There are strong links between the school and our local parish(es)68% 31% 0 1%
14. The school invites parents to attend school assemblies and liturgies.73% 26% 1% 0