St John Southworth

St John Southworth

St John Southworth was a priest who became a Tyburn martyr for believing in Catholicism. This was a rule that was made by Caesar Nero to call him the God of all. St John Southworth was killed for being a priest and refusing to stop. He was saved from being killed 3 times but escaped the prison, which is the reason why he was killed. As Catholics, we must try to be like St John Southworth and live a life closely to God. It may not always be easy to follow the way of God but God will always know that we have tried.

Prayer for St John Southworth:

God our Father, Saint John Southworth fought for the sake of righteousness, even until death. We pray that we may bear every difficulty for the sake of your love and try with all our hearts to do what is right and good. Southworth and highlight what you admire most about him.


Written by Kaimu and Trivana.