St Teresa

St Teresa

Our house captain is St Teresa (also known as Mother Teresa) became a Saint after she had died. She was born on the 26th of August 1910. She was a nun until she received a message from God. She was famous for her kindness and caring for the poor. She became a saint because of the work that she did when she helped the people of India- leaving all of her belongings behind and caring for the poor. We can try to live like her by being selfless and kind no matter what because you never know what people are going through and the burdens they carry. Saint Teresa was a good role model for others by treating others equally; so we must also try to do this by following in the footsteps of Christ.

Prayer to St Teresa:

Dear Saint Teresa,

Thank you for always doing the right thing and showing acts of kindness.  Thank you for being a true role model and showing us how we can live a selfless life close to God. We pray that you will always be by our side so that we can follow in your footsteps to try to be more like God. Guide us every day to show love to one another just as God would want us to.