The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

St Agnes’ telephone number : 0208 452 4565
13th June – Year 5 Road Safety Theatre Workshop
15th June – FOSA Meeting 2pm, Year 6 First Aid Training PM
17th June – Year 4 at British Museum, Father’s Day Breakfast 8.30am – 9am
20th June – Art Agents to Bishop Douglas
21st June – Barnet Music Festival
22nd June – St Alban’s Feast Day
23rd June – Year 6 Journey children and staff out
24th June – Year 6 Journey to PGL, Weymouth, Year 5 British Red Cross visit
27th June – Aspirations Week
28th June – Year 5 out at St James AM
29th June – St John Southworth Feast Day