The Social Action Leaders

In September 2020, a new leadership role was created for our Year 5 Pupils: The Social Action Leaders. Year 5 pupils applied for the post and were interviewed by Mrs Keogh, Mrs O’Reilly and Marie Molloy (St Agnes’ Parish Secretary and School Governor). It was a rigorous process, where children were asked: Why did they want to be a Social Action Leader? What will you do if you are appointed to this role to help motivate others to follow in the footsteps of Jesus?

Over 20 Year 5 Pupils applied for the position, making it a difficult decision to appoint pupils as each child gave fantastic answers and showed how dedicated they were to helping both our school, the local community and our wider world. However, we had to make a decision. The successful applicants and our Social Action Leaders for this 20/21-21-22 are: Alan, Luam, Amelia, Violet and Kasey.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our current Social Action Leaders did not have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into physically meeting the whole school community (all initiatives were instead shared and promoted virtually) and giving the willingness and desire of these pupils to SEE, JUDGE and ACT following our moral and Catholic obligations ; these pupils have since been promoted to Social Action Leader Mentors (September 2021). This role means that they will now be apart of the coaching process of potential new leaders, where they will teach these budding new leaders about the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Together, they will then plan and promote new ideas to support the school community in fulfilling our Catholic Duty. Interviews for new Social Action Leaders took place in November 2021. Our applicants were interviewed by Mrs O’Reilly, Mrs Keogh and Patrick Phelan (Catholic Life Governor).

Our successful applicants for 2021-2022 are: 

Jacob, Amelia, Ashton, Kwon,  Anna, Rebecca, Adriana, Laura, Danilyne, Victoria, Amethyst, Sofonias and Kwon.  

The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

The Social Action Leaders will be working closely with Caritas Westminster to promote and develop social action projects within our school, parish and local community. Through demonstrating “faith in action”, our leaders will raise awareness of the Common Good. Whilst demonstrating and motivating others as to how we can all follow in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus. As after all, we are called to be Social Action Leaders, who can follow in the way of Christ. 

Please see the Common Good page to learn more about the work of the Social Action Leaders.