The School Day

Due to COVID, staggered start and pick up times are in operation. To avoid crossing of bubbles it is essential that children are dropped and collected promptly by one adult per household and a face covering is worn unless exempt.

Year GroupEntrance GateQueue PointStart timeFinish time
6Carpark6M - right of carpark entrance

6G - left of carpark entrance
5 Carpark 5C - right of carpark entrance

5P - left of carpark entrance
8.50am 3.10pm
4 Playground gate 4M - right of playground gate

4S - left of playground gate
3 Playground gate 3D - right of playground gate

3L - left of playground gate
8.50am 3.10pm
2 Playground gate 2M - right of playground gate

2Q - left of playground gate
9am 3.15pm
1 Main gate 1S - right of playground gate

1M - left of playground gate
9.05am 3.20pm
Reception Main gate RZ - right of main gate

RD - left of main gate
8.55am 3.10pm
Nursery Main gate Nursery - right of the main gate 8.30am


Please be on time to collect your child, we would appreciate you contacting the school if an unexpected delay occurs.

Late children will remain in the playground for 5 minutes for their adult to arrive, after which time they will be brought back to their classroom. Parents arriving later than 5 minutes will need to report to the school office.

If you have a friend/relative picking up your child, please inform the school office.