School Council

Here, at St Agnes, our aim is to give every pupil a voice.

Our school council is an opportunity for pupils to share their ideas on ways to improve the school environment and encourage the school to collaborate on new initiatives. They are a group of children who are elected by their peers, at the beginning of the academic year.

The school councillors hold class meetings and then have fortnightly meetings as a council to feedback their classes views and suggestions. These meetings are facilitated by Mrs Gale.

During the meeting, the councillors take on different roles. Each having a turn to be chairperson or secretary. They arrange the agenda and take the minutes for the meetings.

School Council 2021

Class 2K  Juan-David and Tricia

Class 2C  Kruz and Ava

Class 3M Olivia and Maks

Class 3L Matthew and Alicja

Class 4M Kyla and Felipe

Class 4G Darren and Annabella

Class 5M Daniel and Adriana

Class 5P Isabel-Rose and Preston

Class 6M Alex and Kasey

Class 6S Heersa and Nicola