School Council

Here, at St Agnes, our aim is to give every pupil a voice.

Our school council is an opportunity for pupils to share their ideas on ways to improve the school environment and encourage the school to collaborate on new initiatives. They are a group of children who are elected by their peers, at the beginning of the academic year.

The school councillors hold class meetings and then have fortnightly meetings as a council to feedback their classes views and suggestions. These meetings are facilitated by Mrs Gale.

During the meeting, the councillors take on different roles. Each having a turn to be chairperson or secretary. They arrange the agenda and take the minutes for the meetings.

School Council 2021

Year 1 Grace, Leo, Ciara, Leo 

Year 2  Lenan, Naana , Abraham, Poppy-Mae

Year 3 Mason, Nicolly, Annabella, Maclachi

Year 4 Ramuelle, Roisin, Mikayla, Ralphy

Year 5 Evie, Daisy, Max, Shicco

Year 6 Nerijane, Matthew, Aleko, Jayzel