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St Agnes Catholic Primary School

Catholic Life

At St Agnes’, everything that we do is informed by our Gospel values and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are a loving and welcoming community , where the presence of God is reflected in our daily routine. Through the pattern of daily prayer, the celebration of the sacraments of the Church, works of charity, and through a striving for justice in all it does, our school seeks to be a catechetical community in which the content of the life of faith is shared.

Our Mission Statement: 

The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus. 

The family of St Agnes loves, learns and grows together as followers of Jesus.

Our mission statement is clearly understood by all – it gives our school purpose and upon this we aim to build our ethos. We firmly believe that wherever you are in our school you will see our mission statement being lived – in class, in the playground and in our interactions and love of each other. We are proud that in creating our mission statement we reached out to everyone involved in our school – children, parents, staff and governors.


Worship at St Agnes

We are lucky enough to be situated very closely to Saint Agnes Church and the Parish Priest, Fr. John Buckley plays an active role in our school with regular visits. We also come together as a community in school and in the Church for Mass. We mark special liturgical celebrations in the Church’s calendar such as Holy Week, Easter, Advent and Christmas.