House Captains

Here, at St Agnes’, we promote our Gospel, School and British Values. One of these values is the value of Democracy. From Early Years right up until Key Stage Two, our pupils are taught about the importance of democracy, freedom of speech and the rights and responsibilities that we each have. These lessons will later prepare them for the rest of their lives and life in Modern Britain.

Each year, pupils of all ages across the school practice this right to have their say and vote for their chosen House Captain Representatives. The House Captain process is a rigorous one. Year 6 children, who want to represent their fellow pupils, prepare a speech and present it to every member within their House; their peers then elect them. Thankfully, this year Year 6 pupils were able to stand up in front of and meet other members of their house.  Our pupils showed how resourceful and resilient they could be and presented their speeches in front of all children from years 1-6, which showed a great deal of courage. To stand up in front of their fellow students and discuss why they would be the right person for the job is not an easy task and so we commend and congratulate all of the candidates, who put themselves forward.

We congratulate our newly elected House Captains and look forward to them making a difference and following in the footsteps of Christ.

St Albans House and Vice Captain: Nolwen and Adrian

St Faustina House and Vice Captain: Evie and Jizelle 

St John Southworth House and Vice Captain: Kaimu and Trivana

St Teresa House and Vice Captain: Aleksandra and Naz

Our House Saints:

St Alban

St Faustina

St John Southworth

St Teresa

Prayer plays an important part in the life of our school. The school environment supports this by including prayer focuses with current liturgical icons, artefacts, symbols and prayers in each classroom and across the school. Across the school (in the hall, corridors and office area), these are planned and arranged by our House Captains. These environments help to promote a ‘stillness’ and encourage us all to communicate with God.

An example of how our previous House Captains implemented this was in December, when they planned, prepared and delivered Advent Prayer Stations in a Covid-19 secure way.  They ensured that each class had the necessary materials and that the resources reflected upon the true meaning of Christmas.

Currently, this year’s House Captains are working hard to develop our ‘Prayer Focus’ further by creating a whole House Saint prayer based on the life and work of our House Saints. The House Captains also have big plans to create “Pop-up Prayer Stations” so watch this space!

As well as this important spiritual role, the House Captains also work closely with our new pupil leadership team: The Social Action Leaders. They have termly meetings with Mrs Keogh to think about and suggest different ways of fundraising both locally, nationally and internationally. After each meeting, the House Captains then have a short research project to complete and they begin to put their plans into action.

The House Captains final role is to collect all of your hard-earned House Points, which are then collated and celebrated each week in our Celebration Assembly. Please keep a look out for any future Spirituality work, House Point celebrations and fundraising events!