Prayer and Worship

At St Agnes’, collective worship plays a fundamental part of daily school life and enables us to all join together as one in prayer and worship.  Sometimes this will be in class prayer, other times it may involve children in the year group joining together in prayer or it may be in a key stage assembly or a whole school mass.


Children are encouraged to learn a selection of traditional prayers in each year group, but are also encouraged to devise their own personal prayers. A list of prayers can be seen here for each year group. Prayers take place at the beginning of the school day, before lunch and again at the end of the school day. Every classroom has a focal point for prayer, which is appropriate to the liturgical season.

Classroom Worship

Classroom worship is an integral part of everyday life at St Agnes’. Children are encouraged to be responsible, participate and lead in this reflective experience.


Gospel Assembly
Every Monday each Key Stage gathers together for a time of worship. The headteacher and deputy lead this worship, reflecting on and teaching the messages of the Gospel.


Child Led Worship

Each week, different children in each class prepare and lead their class in worship. In the EYFS and KS1 the children are guided by adults to prepare for this. In KS2 the children independently plan and prepare their own worship.


Teacher Led Liturgy

Teachers lead a weekly worship for their class to allow time for reflection and prayer based on a religious theme.

Hymn Practice
On Wednesdays each Key Stage gathers together to sing songs of praise to God and practise hymns and songs that we use for our collective worship and for Mass.


Celebration Assembly

Every Friday we gather together to celebrate the achievements of the school that week, awards are presented and one child in each class is chosen as the star of the week.


Class Assemblies and Masses

Throughout the year, we celebrate the Sacrament of the Eucharist at St Agnes’ Church. Our Parish Priest also comes into school and celebrates a class Mass with classes in KS2.
Children help to prepare and lead the Mass through Altar Serving, reading and bringing up the gifts during Mass. Parents and guardians are invited to join us for all Masses.