Curriculum Maps

We have adjusted our curriculum in light of government COVID 19 guidance and will continue to adapt the curriculum to meet the emerging needs of our children as they settle back into school.

Detailed half termly curriculum information booklets:

Throughout the year we will provide you with a very comprehensive curriculum information booklet each half term. This acts as an information source for topics under study and provides details of how the topic will be used as a rich learning experience for the children. Parents can use this as a reference point for further study with their children.

We encourage all parents to use the curriculum booklet as a stimulus for home learning – they can help initiate conversations with your child, there may be a sharing of opinion or knowledge and it may encourage you to research the topic together with library visits. We all know that children learn from memorable experiences – thus parents are encouraged to make relevant topic visits to places of interest, museums etc. supporting us to bring learning to life.